08: Thoughts I've Brewed Along The Way

👋🏼 Hey Everyone, happy to be back on a recurring basis. I have posts queued up already for the next four weeks!

What made me realize accessible and inclusive design is important…

Not long ago I was interviewed about how Stark is helping accessible and inclusive design move forward. Every question was great and thought-provoking, but one really got to me. I was asked what made me realize accessible design is important. What made it click?

I mean, it was obvious, wasn’t it? Because it’s the right thing to do. I was raised with values and morals. What kind of question was this? I tried hard to scan through aha moments in my life that would’ve done it, but I came up short and found myself slightly flustered. That’s because I don’t know if there was one particular moment that it "clicked". And I’m grateful for that.

When I was two my parents split, and my mother and father both went on to create new families of their own. And where was I in that mix? My mother handed me off to my paternal grandparents and they, along with my two aunts (my father’s sisters), raised me. Though it would completely change the trajectory of my life for good, this was also my first true experience with exclusion. I didn’t know it then, but eventually my brain would register that as feeling like I didn’t have a place that was truly mine. Like the people I was supposed to call my tribe had abandoned me, and, on the rare occasion I spent time with them, I was part of a group that didn’t view me as their own. It felt like I was there because they felt obligated to have me. And it was uncomfortable to say the least….

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Want me to write about something? AMA.

I noticed my best posts stem from being asked direct questions—the one above included. I write about my experiences, learnings, failures, theories, and more. But I want to make sure I’m covering the topics that are relevant to you and the place you’re at in your journey—be it in personal life or career.

So, do you have a question? Ask me! I’ll try to pick as many of the topics as possible and write about it.

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+ I spoke at Dribbble’s Hangtime NYC last month (June) and as usual, people snapped shots of me on stage when I make the most awkward faces.

What I recommend reading

+ Book: Alchemy: The Dark Art and Curious Science of Creating Magic in Brands, Business, and Life by Rory Sutherland

+ Book: Reboot: The Art of Leadership and Growing Up by Jerry Colonna

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